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Check out the week 52 Pool Result 2021 if you staked this week and know if your game cut or enter in this week pool result.

Week 52 Pool Result

Week 52 Pool Result 2021

  1. Leichhardt (P) x (P) Sydney FC: Home
  2. Blacktown C (P) x (P) Wollongong: Home
  3. Rockdale C (P) x (P) Sutherland S: Home
  4. Sydney O (P) x (P) Marconi S: Draw
  5. Sydney Utd (P) x (P) Mt Druitt T: Home
  6. Hakoah S (P) x (P) Blacktown Sp: Home
  7. H. Brumbies (P) x (P) Mounties W: Home
  8. Northern T (P) x (P) Central Coast M: Home
  9. Spirit FC (P) x (P) Bonnyrigg W: Home
  10. SD Raiders (P) x (P) St George FC: Away
  11. W. Sydney W (P) x (P) St George C: Draw
  12. Eastern S (P) x (P) Logan L: Home
  13. Gold Coast K (P) x (P) Brisbane S: Home
  14. Gold Cold Utd (P) x (P) Moreton B: Home
  15. Lions FC (P) x (P) Capalaba: Home
  16. Olympic FC (P) x (P) Magpies C: Home
  17. Peninsula P (P) x (P) Redlands Utd: Home
  18. Sunshine (P) x (P) Coast Brisbane R: Home
  19. Brisbane C (P) x (P) SWQ Thunder: Draw
  20. Ipswich K (P) x (P) Souths Utd: Draw
  21. Mitchelton (P) x (P) Holland P: Home
  22. Southside E (P) x (P) Western P: Away
  23. Cockburn C (P) x (P) Balcatta: Draw
  24. E. Joondalup (P) x (P) Inglewood U: Home
  25. Perth G (3) x (0) Bayswater: Home
  26. Perth (1) x (0) F. Athena: Home
  27. Rockingham (P) x (P) Gwelup: Away
  28. Sorrento (0) x (1) Armadale: Away
  29. Blue Eagles (1) x (2) Campbelltown: Away
  30. Adelaide C (1) x (1) Croydon K: Draw
  31. Adelaide O (3) x (0) Ad Comets: Home
  32. Adelaide U (3) x (2) Cumberland: Home
  33. Raiders (1) x (3) Metro Stars: Away
  34. Sturt L (3) x (1) S. Adelaide: Home
  35. Eastern U (P) x (P) Ad Cobras: Draw
  36. Modbury J (4) x (0) Ad Hills: Home
  37. Para Hills K (2) x (2) WT Birkalla: Draw
  38. W. Adelaide (1) x (1) Playford C: Draw
  39. Western S (1) x (1) Fulham U: Draw
  40. White C (2) x (0) Adelaide V: Home
  41. Charlestown (2) x (4) Maitland: Away
  42. Newcastle O (1) x (2) Edgeworth E: Away
  43. Valentine FC (P) x (P) Adamstown: Draw
  44. Weston W (P) x (P) Broadmeadow: Away
  45. Kingborough (0) x (1) Clarence Z: Away
  46. Olympia W (0) x (3) Devonport C: Away
  47. S. Hobart (1) x (1) Glenorchy: Draw
  48. Belconnen (0) x (4) Canberra C: Away
  49. Canberra O (1) x (2) Tigers FC: Away

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